Sunday, November 22, 2009

How I roll..or edit

I have a love/hate relationship with editing pictures. Seriously, there are moments I can't wait to get home to dump my camera card on our computer. But then there is those times where I have oh, THREE different photo sessions within days of each other and NO TIME to edit them. So to make it through those latter editing times...

I go pour myself some SPARKLING GRAPE JUICE...
haha! Seriously, I'm obsessed with this stuff and it makes me happy while I sit at the computer for HOURS!!!
I've had issues remembering how to use my Photoshop Elements and so I've been going back and forth from Scott's IPhoto to Elements. But I love ELEMENTS and want to learn much more about it. IPhoto really does have some great stuff, and it's easy to quickly move through soo many pictures.
When I can scoot Scooty out of his "school area", I use this little space to do editing and playing with how to use Photoshop. It's turned out to be one of my favorite little corners of our living room!
So here is to editing, and here is to being done (for the moment)!


Jessica said...

You are super! You need to go into business, seriously. If you build up your business now, if you want to stay home with baby Thompson, it would be a great way to increase income. Girl, if I had half your talent, I'd have a business!

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