Friday, November 20, 2009

Just what I needed...a

A Morning All To Myself
Our space heater was set to 70 degrees, and it was a perfectly pleasant morning. I had on my polka dot pj pants and my favorite worn out Notre Dame t-shirt. Scruffles and I just layed around in bed doing basically nothing.
Catching up on all my free magazines (thanks to Mer's clever freebie suggestions).
Looking around facebook, reading blogs, and saying hi to you guys!
He looks all cute and innocent, right!?!? Guess again.
I'll have to blog about the adventure he went on the other day!
Little stinker.

Definitely, not innocent.

Off to go see Fynn and my sis! Hopefully, we are going to see Blind Side tonight.
Can't wait!


RachelD said...

I'm glad you had a relaxing day! Good to run into you at Target. :) Love the new header, btw.

sarahe said...

sounds perfect!

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