Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Cherry Hall never looked so good. We had a fantastic time at WKU Homecoming. We met up with Christin and Jason and Ben for Shogun. Then a walk down memory lane (or more literally campus sidewalk) to meet up with many others for the big event. Too sad WKU wasn't on top of their game. But we were still proud to cheer on Big Red!

Friends reuniting to cheer on the TOPS!
Western student and Western alum...so in love!
Good friends...great picture!
Ran into one of my old sorority sisters. Good times.
B and her Daddy.
Loved watching the cheerleaders. Hard to believe I used to wear that uniform. (for girls basketball not football)
Baby A and me watching the game from the Sonic Zone!!!
L and Big Red!
B liked Big Red too. It took a little sweet talking.
It was such a great day spent remembering with friends! I can't believe it's been ten years since I walked into Bemis Hall as a freshmen.
Here is one of them:
My friend's baby shower.

This little babe that God is still growing inside mommy's tummy was the reason for celebrating!
The host (her sister) and her mother!
Sweet memories.
So many friends came to join in on the fun! Everyone is trying to guess whether the baby is a boy or girl.
The gorgeous mommy-to-be.So many sweet babes were among the crowd. This is my friend's niece.
I think I'm in love!
My gift. I had fun making the tag and adding bows.
This was one of my first homemade presents outside of my family: purest white baby booties and hat. I also added two of my favorite children's books: Peter Rabbit and Little Golden Book about God. It was a joy to actually give something away that I made with my two hands.

Look at this kitchen...FANTASTIC! I'm extremely jealous and drooled all over this stunning kitchen. It had everything a woman could want: double oven, deep sink, tons of cabinets, and and island for work space! The best part about it all was that her husband made it. Yes, I'm serious...EVERYTHING! Their counter tops were made from cement. They still had some to do, but I thought it was perfect all ready.
details. Abigail and I share a common love: hot tea. These are the many tea cups that was passed down to my friend's mother from her mother. such a treasure.

Friends are a joy that is even better when you are near!

Can't wait til that babe makes his/her appearance into this world.


sarahe said...

the pictures are gorgeous!! It was such a lovely shower--I didn't know you were a tea lover too--I have a little collection of cups of my own like this. It was great to see you over the weekend and thanks for posting these!

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