Thursday, June 10, 2010

What the Pioneer Woman gets me into....

I love to eat meat! Love it! But I really don't like handling it before it's cooked. Especially just grosses me out. But I read this recipe on the Pioneer Woman's website that looked cool and easy.

Baking a WHOLE chicken...with herbs.
I mean look at this is U-G-L-Y ain't got no alibi...It's ugly!!!
But a coating in herbs and oil makes it look a little better.
Don't forget to cut up some apples and onions to stuff in it's booty! Yes, I really had to put my hand up in there!
All while following directions from The Man's MAC...he loves when I bring it in the kitchen among liquids and mess....not really. : )
So I'm sure we can all agree that it WAS ugly, but look at it now.
yummy golden deliciousness!

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