Monday, June 28, 2010

a favorite way to spend my nights...

My husband bakes bread...remember, he is the Bread-Maker (literally). One of the negatives to the job is that he has to be there EARLY in the MORNING!!! Like the first few hours of each new day. He has to go to be pretty early, so I have to fill my own nights.

This is one of my favorite ways to spend my nights.
Watching shows on our computer. This is White Collar...a GREAT show! We don't have cable so we watch everything on our computers. HULU is mainly the place I watch stuff.
And doing some sort of craft or painting or something to work my creativity.
I promised my sister one of these like two years ago. And finally made good on my word.
i need some new brushes and paints...badly.
Aren't all these colors together soo pretty. It's from years of different projects.

What a perfect night.


sarahe said...

i'm home alone a lot at nights due to hub's filming schedule, and i kinda love my time to watch my shows and do my crafts on my own! your painting is lovely!

Nichole said...

We don't have cable either, so I am with you on watching TV online! It's nice to have an option when you just need some TV time!

Jessica said...

Ok, friend...we so need to hang out on some of these nights. Yours is in bed...mine is teaching. Please, let's get together and craft! I need to learn to crochet and I would LOVE to do a painting. Also, there are so many photography lessons that I need to learn. I'll trade you my cable for all of your crafting knowledge! :)

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