Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nursery Finished Product {longest post EVER...beware}

So this was our guestroom that had one raspberry wall and the rest were taupe. It was an odd looking room really. We obviously do not know what sex or specific age of child(ren) we are getting so we had little to work with. I had always liked the idea of a vintage themed nursery/kids room because I have tons of toys and stuff left from when I was little.

So here it is ( oh some of the pictures are too was early in the morning when I took these.)
This is looking in from the doorway (our rooms downstairs are tiny like 10X10 i think). This is the LARGE window and our twin bed.
This is the bumper pad my mom made for the crib by s-i-l gave me (everything was pretty much given to us or we had).
We had extra of that soft bumpy material... so moma made a pillow out of it! I love that stuff!
Thanks Rach for the sweet little giraffe!
See how tight everything is! But it has turned out pretty cute!
The walls are this pleasant shade of yellow and then we just used lots of bright, fun colors for everything else. This rocking arm chair was my Nanny's and that little book shelf came from our church rummage sale. It's fun to think that Scott might have used that bookcase in Sunday School growing up!
My s-i-l also gave us this old armoire that looked pretty bad.
We painted it and got new knobs. We are still trying to decide if we should fix the doors or use fabric. What do you guys think?
I FELL in LOVE with this quilt when I saw it. So many different colors it is unreal! Perfect for a gender and age neutral room.
On the nightstand...old milkglass lamp that I had (iHEART milk glass) and Scott's VW Bug Night Light. Isn't it cute!
The framed pictures were just copied from our scanner/printer from an old children's book. My favorite part about them is that all the children are soo diverse in the pictures and we hope our family will be just as diverse someday!
This was my childhood rocking chair and Third birthday cake pillow made by my Mimi!
Again book case.
My Moma appliqued those flowers on that pillow.
I made the window "valance" out of fabric and pom pom trim. They turned out just how I hoped!
I'm pretty sure my Grandaddy made this stool for my brother and cousin. Isn't it darling?
I love how people used to take such GREAT care for their furniture and stuff. This chair is sooo many years old but looks new. This pillow is also old, but is one of my favorites!
The apple day shirt was scott's and the yellow dress was mine. I also put my baby bank up there, my old doll and our baby pictures.
My sweet friend sent me this hand-embroidered pillow for the door.
It has moons and stars all over it and says "Shh!"

Love it! Thanks Mer!

Well, that is it. Now let's fill it with some kiddos!


sarahe said...

It looks so wonderful! I love all the vintage items. perfect for any child for you to love :)

Nichole said...

Love it! It looks really good! Can't wait to see the beautiful kiddos that God has planned for your family!

Paul & Merideth said...

oh, my, stinkin', gosh!!!!!!!!! I loooove every part of this! It's gorgeous! Did you know that I had actually thought of this fun vintage idea, too!?! I just LOVE that. We really are the same brain. :)
AND...on an even eerier note...remember when I told you that I had sewn burp cloths & bibs as gifts for showers? You're not gonna believe this...but the fabric I used was 2 of the ones you used in your valance! Unbelievable!!!! It's the polka dot one & the paisley one. I love how we're so far apart but we still manage to pick the same stuff! haha!
Love you & had a blast catching up today! Can't wait to see you soon! xoxo!

Jessica said...

I love it!!! I also love your heart, my friend! There are so many wonderful pieces in that room. I can hardly decided which is my favorite. It's all so precious, thoughtful, and beautiful...just like you! Praying for all that God has in store for your family.

Becca said...

What a sweet beautiful room! I seriously LOVE it!!! :-) And they will too!!!

ChristinK said...

OK -- that room is just PRECIOUS!! AHHH!! I love every bit of it. Can't wait to meet those sweet children that will be in that room. I love you girl! Can't wait to see what God's going to do.

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