Wednesday, June 2, 2010

GRAND weekend

flowers from our yard
pasta cooling in the sink
Moma's handmade swing cover on the swing
being lazy and snuggling
4 little feet that stayed with us for the weekend
yummy desserts
friends and family
good old fashioned game of wiffle ball
taking in on all the scenery
trying new things {fynn's first popsicle}

Thank you God for these blessings!


Rachel said...

such great pictures! sounds like it was a great weekend!

Jessica said...

I love the flowers! I love, love, love the feet! I love the game! I love it all! What a sweet post!

JulianneB said...

My goodness...when I saw the pic of Fynn, I told Kevin, he looks just like John. He has your Dad's eyes hands down. Love hearing about your life. Love and miss you girl.

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