Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Blooms....

My flag is looking faded.
My mulch needs some tending! {and what does that pot think it's doing being dirty anyways?}
But oh, my hydrangeas....are glorious!
The funny thing about these hydrangea is that they came from my sweet m-i-l and were BRIGHT blue/purple when we dug them up and planted one on each corner of the front of our house. But when they started blooming this year...this is what we found. BRIGHT pink! Seriously, not what I expected. Good, but not what I expected. The only problem is that I have a serious symmetrical issue. As in, I'm OCD about only that. Seriously, I'm the most laid back, go with the flow person except when it comes to symmetry. And now I have one BRIGHT blue/purple hydrangea one one front corner of the house and then one BRIGHT pink hydrangea on the other. What's a {OCD}girl to do?
I guess stop stressing and focus on the gorgeous roses that are just fantastic. They don't have to be symmetrical so they don't have to wilt under my scrutiny. They just thrive on their loveliness!
So does this crazy little guy. or girl. What gender is a lamb's ear bloom? Oh well, it still doesn't have to be symmetrical. One because there is only one plant. two, because it's on the side of the house...not in my front landscaping!
Don't look at my's not it's fault that it looks scimpy and left over from last year. Nope, it's the Man's... haha... just joking. partly.

But whosever fault it is...don't look. But look how my sweet little hydrangea. But don't look from the street at the whole house because if you do, you'll see one
BRIGHT blue/purple one and a BRIGHT pink one on the other corner.

I'm ok with that. For reals....No biggie at all.


MandaS said...

Yep your about as OCD as me! So funny. God just wanted alittle more color on the front of your house!

Paul & Merideth said...

Hey...I can fix this problem for you. (I feel so smart right now. haha.) Although, I don't know if I'd call PINK hydrangeas a problem!!! ;) Hydrangeas change color somehow due to some chemical thing when there's rust in the ground near them. If you want them to change color, stick a rusty nail in the ground near them & should start to see a change after a while (days). I bet if you go look where your MIL has them, and compare to where you planted'll see some rusty something somewhere. Either on her side, or yours. Lemme know how it goes...give us an update! XOXO!

sabrina said...

Definitely google it, because I think you can pour Sprite or something on the soil and they change colors.

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