Monday, June 28, 2010

Go- to- Nanny's Strawberry Jello Salad

This was the day after my crafting/tv night.

I had to make something for a family dinner and I always go to my Nanny's Strawberry Jello Salad. It makes me think of family meals from when I was a kid myself. Running through her tiny kitchen and crammed into the 8x8 dining area to eat ALL together!
And the best part is that it is SOOO EASY to make!
Who doesn't love fresh makes EVERYTHING yummy.
This sat in my kitchen sink for ummm...two days! Yep, just keeping it real.
I love crafting, but HATE cleaning up all the mess it makes.
Anyways, back to the salad.

Doesn't it look yummy?

Here is the recipe:

Make Lg. box of strawberry jello...after adding the 2 c. of cold water pour in fresh cut strawberries. Then throw in some marshmellows. Put in fridge to let it sit. Put on cool whip topping before serving.

There was a time after my Nanny got older and stopped cooking. We didn't have this salad for a while. I made my Moma help me figure out what was in it and how we had it. I've been making it for just about everything for the past 3 years!

What are your favorite family recipes?


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