Saturday, February 2, 2013

Endless possibilities.

I think I've shared this...we are selling our house.
The main deal is that we are trying to get to McLean County (my home turf) so my sweets doesn't have to drive a half hour to work everyday.
Plus, there are a gazillion other benefits.
Our house has been for sale by owner for about 3 months and I already hate this part.
Selling a home...BOO!!!!
It's a hard process.
Let's be honest, anything that involves me being patient is a hard process for me.

So allow me to cool my anxious about the future jets by dreaming of a few new spaces to decorate. 
I love the little corners of our home now, but I'm excited to explore and create new corners to make a different house our home.

Here are some things I've pinned on pinterest. 
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Heather Bailey


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