Saturday, February 16, 2013

Not us.

I absolutely love Saturday mornings.  It's just such a nice, wind down time for us.  A time to just be a family. No work (mostly, occasionally I will have a photo session). Big breakfasts and a little sleeping in.  Really, that's all this mama needs to feel more like herself.  I think that is what my kids need too.
This week we just weren't us. Everyone was in a funk.  Me included.  We weren't gelling. Liv is teething. Evy had belly issues. Leland was grumpy everyday after school. It was hard.  There were tears. Some yelling. Lots of disappointing moments.

But nothing a little Saturday morning couldn't fix. I feel like the mercies are extra new on Saturday mornings. Daddy's presence and a fresh day with not much to do. A big pile of scrambled eggs, hot blueberry muffins and a pj clad bunch all with smiles. I woke up feeling refreshed and happy to face the day.  I even had a few creative thoughts swirling through my head. That does not reflect how I felt most of this past week. Some weeks are just tough. No one has perfect days and especially perfect lives.  So take heart. Whatever you are facing, you most likely are not alone.  And most everything looks better on Saturday mornings. : )  Unless, whatever you are facing is happening on a Saturday morning.  Anyways, for us this is just what we needed.

My head is swirling with lots of thoughts. Here are some.

1. My house looks like this. 

2.  I'm going to try out this recipe.

3. This baby is trying to devastate me by turning one.

4. I'm going loco stressing over houses to buy and wondering if this one will ever actually sell. This one from will do lovely thank you.

5. The Man took me to see this movie for Valentines Day.  It was just what I wanted no gifts, no fuss...just a casual night seeing a chick flick.

6. I'm kind of obsessing over this company and a necklace I want.
You can build your own! They have bags too. 


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