Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lately, as in most of this year...we've been sick.
Like at least one person every week has had some ailment. 
I'm tired of it.

So today during this long deserved, quiet nap time...I'm ignoring it.
I'm remembering one of the happier afternoons we've had.  
Crafting and painting. 
 My children beg for me to do "art time" with them.
Sometimes, as much as I love it too...I don't have the time (mainly for the clean up).
 But on the this cloudy winter, afternoon...I rolled out the craft paper and let them go to town.
 I had some wooden hearts that I'd never finished long ago.
I let them re do them. 
 They had way more fun than it looks here. 
 I love how they look nothing like Valentines day...I might even find a spot to put them up all year long. Maybe add their birth dates and weight.
 I like to see where their minds and imaginations take them. 
Unlock the stories and dreams they've been having.
It's good to remember how important those are to them even at the ages they are now.
 I want to nurture their creativity.
 Challenge them to dream.
 Not to forget what incredible things that lay ahead for them.
 I of course, did a little crafting myself. I had a few projects I'd been storing up. 
That is what sometimes pushes me over the edge to say yes to "art time".
 I can't help it...I'm a little selfish like that.
Paint squirted everywhere and brush to form something that only existed in my mind before....that my friends is therapy to me.
and it's cheaper : )
 Even little Miss Liv got in on the action!
Photo Credit: Leland, 6 yrs.
 She is like, what is my Mom me a brush with paint on it.  She's crazy!  
Why, yes, Liv...I am! 
 So if you are like me and a little a paint mess doesn't bother you and you are tired of the winter blahs...
break out the crafting supplies.  Then let your mind run free and CREATE something!
but just remember you'll have to clean up afterwards.
: )


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