Thursday, February 7, 2013


Since, I fell asleep last night trying to form coherent sentences, I thought I'd just post a bunch of pictures.  Our life lately....

 Nana and two of her girls. 
We like to tease Papaw that Nana finally got two that are "her girls". 
This drives him nutty! : )
Liv is in love with all things "buttons"....especially, buttons she's not allowed to touch.
Remotes, phones, laptops, leap pads and remote control cars.
 Scott took Leland to laser tag for the first time.
He was pretty stoked.
 Then we met up at our FAV place with the kids... Chick-fil-a.
 This little girl may look innocent, 
 but she sure keeps me on my toes. 
Good thing she is cute!
I cannot keep enough fresh fruit in this house.
I feel like it's gone as soon as I get it. 
You could even say my efforts are fruitless.
 I'm kind of getting into having my girls match. I got them some recent little tunic shirts at Children's Place. These little deer shirts were clearance at Target. They just look soo adorable matching.  I'm sure one day they'll just love that I did this.
 Later, that night, Evy got tired of boring ol' baby dolls.  She needed something more lively.
Poor Liv. I guess she'll survive being the human baby doll.
 Some people who follow me on instagram might remember a few of these pictures.  There are those times that I just love a pic that was quickly snapped with my phone, that I have to go back to get a higher quality one with my real camera. Of course, only the subjects that are still make this possible. : )
 Remember me embarrassingly going through my problems with "the visitor".  Well, my sweet sis, Nina gave me a helpful solution.  Go to your local health foods store and pick up Raspberry Leaf tea. 
It helped a lot of my problems within the hour of drinking it.  It's not a long term solution, but I survived the worst of it with several cups. 
 Sadly, with editing photos and just playing on my computer, it's caused my kids are obsessed with technology. The older ones will say things like, I'm working on photos or I even heard Evy once say she was looking at houses. : )
Seems Liv has decided to join in the fun. 

Hope you guys are enjoying the sunshine....

It's a beautiful day!


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