Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Funny Valentines....

 Livingston Ann, Happiest Valentines Day!
You are a silly and sweet baby. That scrunchy nose and funny little laugh can make us crack up. We hope that God continues to grow you with that same sweet, laid back spirit (except when you are cutting molars...poor thing).

 Evy, I love that you love to celebrate ANYTHING.  You kept asking all day when we were going to start out celepration!?!?!  Ha!  I don't think I'll ever stop cracking up at you and you always keep us wondering what will come out of your mouth next. I know wherever God takes will make it a joyful journey!

 Leland, my goofy little guy. I cannot believe this is our third Valentines Day together. You came home from school talking about marrying this little girl in your class.  I'm soo not ready for this part of being your mother.  So slow your role...okay?  But seriously, I love how you enjoy every bit of life.  I can't wait to see how God is going to use your extravert, never met a stranger and happy go lucky attitude. 
Happy Valentines to my littles!

Also a BIG HIGH FIVE to my MAN for being such a rock star.  He is always helpful, loving and attentive.  But tonight he gave me just what I wanted...a low key, low budget (we had gift cards) and casual night to go see a chick flick.  Just what I needed.  Love you, babe!


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