Monday, October 26, 2009

Creating Lovely things... Thank you Key!

When I was a little girl in around the 4th grade, I learned to crochet. It was fun then, but I stopped being interested in the art as I grew older. Lately, I'd wanted to pick it back up...but marjorly needed a refresher course.
Scott's grandmother, Key has made us several afigans and is wonderfully talented. Her and I sat down one night to remind me of some stiches and basics. I'm hooked..haha! I crack myself up!
Here are a few lovelies made recently by my own two hands:
A Hat for Baby Fynn...he'll be here soon.
I found this yarn that was just gorgeous! To me it seemed the perfect symbol for fall. It represents the many colors and will keep me super warm!

I thought I did pretty good if I say so myself!

Now I'm all set for the chillier nights of autumn.
Off to finish a chapter of Anne of Green Gables.
If there were only more Cordillias in this world : )


ChristinK said...

Ok - you little "knitter" you!! Make me a scarf!! haha! I would LOVE for you to teach me how to do this. We need a girls' weekend, please sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by my new "home" earlier!! I love that you knit. I had a hard time learning how to do it :)

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