Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Perfect Autumn Day...Take Three

When my cousin Cindy said she knew a pumpkin patch where we could get FREE pumpkins, I was all about it because of the FREE part. I wasn't expecting to drive ten minutes down a dirt road and climb a hill to reveal THIS! There were probably a 1,000 pumpkins growing over these rolling hills! We started our hunt for the GREAT PUMPKIN (or 6 or 7).

love this pic.
it's the sweetest light and moment of my Man helping Little Bit up on top the pumpkin!

Har posing while taking a break from pumpkin picking.
Peytie being strong man lifting HUGE pumpkins!
pumpkins pumpkins everywhere!
The MAN was extremely MANLY in cutting our pumpkins off their vines
so we could take them home.
She was soo excited about her pumpkin finds.
Cyndie helped us load up the pumpkins...both our cars were packed!

then we finally had to say goodbye to the perfect pumpkin patch

but not before we snapped this great picture to remember such a fun day!


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