Friday, October 9, 2009

Perfect Autumn Day...Take FIVE (The END for those of you tired of this game)

So after the library, we came home and made chilli & grilled cheese for supper!
Then we went back outdoors for some last of the day play!
frisbee. (they are pretty competitive)
walking scruffles...he loved it too!
placing our pumpkins in the perfect spaces!

Then we let the kids make mini apple pies.
The easiest and a lot fun!
Mix fresh cooked apples...JUST KIDDING ( i would love to do that when we have
more time), but seriously mix together apple pie filling & other spices in a bowl.
Make a homemade crust...haha...gotcha again. Roll out the pre-made crust, and
cut out circles with a cup!
let everyone be involved, even if you have to help them!
put the circles in a muffin tin
cut out enough circles to fill the whole pan, and then let the Boy play with the rest!
after he's done making snakes and stuff...roll it back out and cut stars with cookie cutter.
aren't they cute!
Fill the circles with the pie mixture and put stars on top.
Bake at 350 degrees and everyone EAT em'
they were soo yummy!

and we had the Perfect Autumn Day!


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