Monday, October 5, 2009

Perfect Autumn Day...Take Two

The weather Saturday was absolutely gorgeous! The wind was blowing and sun shining through the few clouds. It was brilliant.

and we saw this little beauty and his brother/sister/friends!
I wish you could see the dance Em was doing.

My cousin Cindy works for this family taking care of their animals, gardening, and other tasks.
She is so at ease with these horses and you can tell they love her. We got to help bring them in to their stalls and feed them.
Em's little hands were soo sweet feeding the horses.
My MAN...the cowboy! : )
Then there was this pony...
who doesn't love a pony?

We all loved the pony!
Harley was in heaven.

Look at how sweet these horses are. It looks like they are cuddling. I think the Pioneer Woman would be proud of my great horse pictures!
What better on an Autumn day than to be on the farm.


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