Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby-Wearing Aunt

When my sister asked if I could help her figure out her Moby Wrap, I was a little over eager you might say. I might have insisted I be the one we try it on since she had to run out for a few minutes in just a while. So being the sweet baby sis she is, she obliged. I LOVED it. Seriously, these are the greatest creations ever! It's sturdy so you don't feel nervous the baby might fall out and yet it's super flexible so you can do things.
I'm definitely a BABY-WEARING AUNT!
a proud one at that.
[not so proud about how crappy i dressed/fixed hair (or didn't fix hair) that day]

and fynn loves it. he just snuggled in and took a nap.

i decided for Christmas, I want someone to create a giant sling for me to crawl into and snuggle up for a long nap.

is this not the sweetest picture. my adorable little nephew, holding my Moma (nana)'s finger.
aww...there goes my uterus aching again.

fynn, please stop the preciousness, it's harmful to your Uncle Scott and SaeSae's plans!

oh, and I have to share his too cute nursery.
my sis and bro-in-love did a great job.

they painted that sign over his crib their selves.
love it.
his little basinet.

his woodland friends on his dresser.

his cute little owl.


i told you to stop it...

seriously, people...couldn't you just eat him up!


Paul & Merideth said...

I can *NOT* wait to try/have one of these! Now you can teach ME about how to use it! haha! How hilarious is that!? For both of us!!! haha! Ahhh....someday. xoxo!

sarahe said...

love it so much!! i have had some of those uterus twinges lately...it can be hard with babies popping up all over!! we've decided to wait about 2 more years before trying...i feel like most of my friends will have at least 2 by then!

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