Monday, December 21, 2009

yummy goodness...nothing like homemade

i love baked goods.
i love homemade baked goods.
don't get me wrong, i love other people's homemade goodness too.
my husband works at a bakery (a good one at that) for goodness sakes.

but every now and then, I love to bake at home.
it's makes me feel all Carolyn Ingalls and stuff.
for instance, these berries were calling my name.
come and pick me down by the creek...
ok...or pick up my prepackaged cranberry goodness at the grocery store.
either way, they were calling out to me.
so i did, I'm a sucker for berries. Especially, pretty red ones.
i wasn't sure what I would do with them. so they sat and sat in the fridge waiting to be mixed with something (probably butter) and made into more pounds for my hips : )

finally, I got on a baking kick one night and made rach my cooking assitant. she loves to be there when I cook because it usually results in much comic relief.
we made cranberry scones and granola.
and we also made a mess!
: )
We got the recipe off the internet.
This is what I remember of the recipe.
use your cool food processor to crush up the cranberries
(after the fact, I realized I would have left them in a little bigger pieces)
pour into a bowl and set aside
told you this would most likely involve butter.
butter is the goodness to most goodness.
got that.
in food processor mix flour, baking powder, butter together.
then add in cranberries...mix.
shape into umm...whatever you can shape them into.
ours didn't turn out soo pretty, but they were yummy!
generously sprink sugar over tops.
bake for something at soo many minutes.
you know i'm horrible at remembering details... i generally bake everything at 350, 375, or 400.
i bet carolyn ingalls didn't remember every single recipe by heart.
she just knew how to do it.
i'm soo like carolyn ingalls...

while we waited on the scones, we started the granola.
go here for the recipe.
i love her blog and how naturally she lives.

we had a bit of a mess with the honey ...apparently, you aren't suppose to put plastic bottles in the microwave. I mean really, i only had it in there for a second or 2 (or 1 min.)
mixing it up together i wanted to eat it out of the bowl. but the honey mixture was still too hot.
while we waited for the granola...we ate our scones. They were a little flate, but ohh soo good.
I even used whole wheat flour...those who really know me know that is such a huge deal.
granola turned out yummy...i've been using it in my yogurt.
it's the best.
maybe i'll make up more batches to give away for gifts!


sarahe said...

looks wonderful! and i didn't know that your husband works at a bakery--i am so jealous!

Jessica said...

I just love you!!! You are a super person in the year 2009 or on the prairie!

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