Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree....

When I was young, my family would pile into the truck and drive up into the woods. We would skip in the crisp, cool air looking for the perfect tree. Daddy would cut it down and then my parents would argue whether it would fit in the house. Daddy would say it's fine and they'd get it into the house where the top would be bent over because the tree was too tall. Moma would make Daddy take back outside to trim it more. After trimming, he'd bring it back in where she would say the tree was now just a smidge short. HAHA...just thinking about this makes me crack up. We would just giggle and laugh at them! Our house smelled delicious with scents of pine and Christmas all through the season. Well, as an adult, I just really don't want to mess with the mess (of needles, watering it, and such). But my in-loves (in-laws) get their tree with the bulb to plant on their property after Christmas. So I went this year to go along to the get the tree.

My niece's joy was everything I remembered as a child around Christmas.

They hunted and hunted.
The colors were gorgeous.
They ran up and down the path, in and out of all the trees.
They finally found the one! (My lovely in-loves)
At Hill Top..they also make wreaths. The cutest little workshop ever.
Everthing there brought out the season's fun.
They even had popcorn. J loved it!
K loved it too!
Mittened hand in Granny's.
Heavy tree...I wasn't sure they were going to get it into the truck!
Cute sign.
Happy and Warm in the truck with Grandaddy and Granny's tree in the back.
makes me nostalgic.


MandaS said...

So cute! I am in awe of your blog. I check it everyday just to drool over your beautiful pictures! I LOVE your pictures of you and Scott at the top! Hope you have a blessed Christmas! I miss you!

sarahe said...

it looks perfect!!

SECPumpkin said...

you girls are too sweet!

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