Saturday, December 19, 2009

some cool things we've done lately....

A few weeks ago, MentorKids went to deliver Christmas cards and sing Christmas Karaoke with the residents of the Wendell Foster Campus. It is a home for many people with disabilities (many who have cerebral palsey). I was so sure most our kids would be super quiet and quite uncomfortable. Boy, was I ever wrong. I knew they would be polite, but I never imagined their responses.
They enjoyed the residents and even initiated conversations with them.
The residents just loved our kids. It was a precious thing to be a part of. We had many kids ask their mentor to bring them back and then one to even say she might like to work in a place like this one day.
It was a highlight of this years holiday season!

NEXT.... our church started this program last year to teach kids the giving part of the season. And why we give, because He first gave to us.
It's called the Magi Project.
It is where kids come to shop for 4 people in their lives. It's free and we even help them wrap their gifts. The whole time they are at the church, the "wise men" walk around telling them about the King who was born, how they are looking for him, and have gifts to bare.
At the end of the shopping/wrapping route of the event, they come outside and stop by the stable. Their were live animals there they could pet.
There were sheep.
there was even a donkey named dixie.
then there were the wise men bringing their gifts.
and of course, there was a mary, joseph, and a baby Jesus.
Do these Mary and Joseph look familiar. Yep, we were voted to play the roles for the children this year. We had a blast doing it. The kids loved to hear us tell them why we REALLY celebrate Christmas and how Jesus was the first Christmas present.
The animals were just soo stinkin cute. This sheep looked like he was smiling at me.
I wanted to sheer these sheep and use their wool to make yarn for sweaters/scarves/hats.
They looked soo warm.
I thought maybe these kids wouldn't take this serious or would even go home to keep the gifts for themselves. That couldn't have been further for the truth. They looked long and hard for the right presents and wrapped them with care.
I can say I truly enjoyed being Mary. It was such a neat experience to celebrate Christmas.
This precious girl wanted to hold baby Jesus.
I thought it was cool to see these kids have the same excitement to see the Nativity scene as they have when they are in line to see Santa.
I hope they experienced a different and more giving Christmas this year.
our niece and nephew came by to pet the animals and see the Nativity as well.
they loved it.

Our pastor has been preaching a series on the Magi and a different take on Christmas. Last week he was talking about how kids mainly experience the "getting" part of Christmas. He inquired us all what we asked children usually during the holiday season. "What are you getting/asking for Christmas?" or "What did you get for Christmas?"

So I've made a point to change not only what I ask children, but try to refocus my perspective around the holidays to be mainly on giving.
So needless to say, the Magi Project not only (hopefully) impacted the kids in our neighborhood, but this Mary as well.

The End
(sorry, i couldn't resist)


Paul & Merideth said...

You were a BEAUTIFUL Mary! And what awesome time it looks like the kids had! I bet you & Scott had a BLAST! So fun! just made me laugh out loud hilariously with your little 'The End' antics. Ha! Gosh...what a GREAT Christmas already! :)

sarahe said...

that is so wonderful! looks like you had a blast :)

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