Sunday, December 13, 2009

Old Fashioned Candy/Cookie Exchange

Recently, our church had a Candy/Cookie Exchange.
It was fabulous.

I felt like I was on It's a Wonderful Life or some other old holiday movie...
maybe one with Doris Day.

Oh, how I love Doris Day.

oh, yeah, the Fabulous Candy/Cookie Exchange.
These were my Truffles. I won tastiest candy/cookie.
crazy...people are crazy.

We even had a Christmas attire contest.
We have some ladies that should be models!

This was my prize! Isn't it the sweetest basket of holiday fun.
Cute kiddos...

Yummy treats!

Beautiful babes...

Fun fellowship.

Sugar and more sugar.

It was a grand time.

My Moma was able to go and it was a memorable day!


Paul & Merideth said...

This is so fun! I'm so sad that we don't get to be "big girls" together at times like this. Boo. I would love Doris-Day-Cookie-Swaps! :( But oh-so-glad your sweet Momma got to go! Looks like y'all had a blast!
Miss you & love you friend! xoxo!

Jessica said...

Congratulations...perhaps you should make some truffles for us this coming Friday!

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