Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Family Picnic

Picnics are something I always have on my list of things to do together as a family, but they some reason never happen. Anyways, we decided to make it happen on Election Day while Daddy was off work!

What we learned is that it doesn't have to be complex to be fun. We just ran through Subway (which is a story all on it's own) and grabbed our picnic gear as we headed to a local park.
Here is Daddy making our tiny little blanket spread out enough for the four (almost five) of us.
We ate.
We explored.
We even posed for a few pictures.
Self timer is helpful to actually get pics of The Man and I together.
Trying to feel baby Liv!
I got some great shots of these cuties. Wish they didn't have red hearts over there sweet little faces.

Our family.
We also just let them loose to run and play.
We packed all of our stuff up and was going to head home.
L made sure to pack a few of his own leaves.
I think this makes a better replacement of the hearts.
: )


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