Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Finally, I've used an idea off of
I have so many pins and things I'd like to try, but the truth is it's extremely hard to actually do them.

Well, my boy is turning FIVE this Friday and he wanted a pirate party.
I couldn't resist the above invite I found on pinterest so I decided to make my own.

I was pretty impressed how they turned out.
What do you think?
I also made "treasure maps" on how to get to the party! : )
Thank you Pinterest for finally making me craft instead of dreamily pin craft ideas!


Nichole said...

Love it! I've never tried Pinterest, but I'd love to! How does it work? Could you send me an invite?

SECPumpkin said...

Nichole, You'll LOVE IT!!! It's easy to figure out once you get one there. I'll send you that invite right now.

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