Monday, November 28, 2011

It's all happening too fast!

I waited most of my life to be a wife and mother.
It's all I ever really wanted to be.
And now that it's happened, it's all going by way to quickly!
I want to scream, "SLOW DOWN"!
But I know that is not possible and our life "is like a vapor".

So to celebrate a BIG moment in our boy's life and to be thankful for for where we are in our family...
Happiest Birthday to our son!

He is FIVE and I cannot believe it.

This past week we've:
been thankful and spent tons of time with our families
celebrated with just the four (almost five) of us for our Boy
had a crazy and fun Pirate Party (details later)

I tried to convince The Man to dig all the Christmas gear out of the attic after the party last night, but he declined. : ) So I'm taking that as a sign to RELAX today.
I'm doing just that: relaxing, spending time with my girl and editing photos.

Happy Monday!


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