Sunday, December 18, 2011

Favorite time of the year....

I have to say, Christmas is a lovely time of year.
But it still stresses me out and I have to make sure I steal some quiet moments for myself.
Since there is so much to do, I'm trying my best to accomplish a few holiday tasks during these times.
I love to write letters and Christmas cards are still not all done.
There is more to that story, but it's a long one. Needless to say, I still have more to address and send.
However, I have got a few done because I set up camp in front of the tree during kids' nap. Christmas card station included my holiday book, addresses, cards, lots of pens and pandora playing my favorite Christmas tunes to set the mood.
I have to say there is some bonuses to owning a photography business with your best friend. She is so talented and I'm so thankful!
So now to put my feet up and enjoy some "She and Him" holiday album.
Love them : )


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