Saturday, December 10, 2011

Snapshots of turning FIVE

Well, this is a week or so coming, but better late than never. Here are a few pics of my boy's 5th birthday celebration. It's still hard to believe he is five. We started off by doing our normal day of celebration with our traditional cake for breakfast. This has quickly become a fav tradition in our household. We wake up and celebrate first thing! This might get harder as some of our children's b-day will be a school day, but we'll still do cake for breakfast I'm sure {poor teachers}. They also get their toys from us that morning. Which is great so they can play with their new toys all day on their actual birthday. It's fun and nice to be settling into a few family traditions. Also it is interesting to see which ones stick or which the kids really look forward to.
Here is the birthday boy!

Blowing out FIVE candles is tough work.

Playing with his new pirate ship with Daddy.

And here are a few from the Pirate Party! I'm actually really sad to say that I don't have tons of great pictures of the details of this party {which is some of fav parts}. Hard to believe I worked so hard at some of the details and didn't get a chance to take pics. To my defense it was a CRAZY day... church, cleaning, preparing food, nasty storms and finally cramming thirty or so people in our sweet little home! : ) But here are a few shots.
Blowing out another set of candles on his treasure map cake.

My sweet sis, Nina came through once again! Isn't this cake amazing (wish I'd gotten better pics of this too) and it's complete with the (choc.) gold treasure marked with the x!
We had little party bags for our cousins which included eye patches and earrings with the rest of the loot!

Opening his many presents...this kid racked up. Everyone was so gracious!

Mommy and Son Pirates.... ARGH!!!!

I like to entitle this image as "Daddy Nonsense". I'm learning pictures of these two are getting harder and harder to get because they are too busy goofing off! : )

and finally, too much sugar, presents and Daddy nonsense and this is what you get:
I really wish you could see his face in this is hysterical!

We had a great time and it seemed to fly back just as all the days seem to be doing lately.
Too bad we can't slow life down a little.


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