Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snapshots of our days before Christmas.

Our days have been so full lately and blessed in so many ways.
Here are a few snapshots of all these precious moments:
This sweet lady that goes to church with my parents where I grew up, gave us this amazing gift for our Livingston. I haven't seen her in a while and did this out of the goodness of her heart. What a great surprising treat!
She gave us a nice Christmas box decorated with an ornament and note on top. The note suggested that we continue to get an ornament every year for Liv and give them to her in the box when she gets married. What a great idea! I'm going to also go back and do it for our other two! She also included a Christmas book and stuffed animal in the box. I can't tell you how special that gift was to me.

We've also been making and baking lots of treats for our different holiday parties.
Obviously, the kids want to help with the process.
I hate to admit it, but I'm not the fun mom I had hoped where I let them help making big messes smiling the entire time. I'm more like stressed out and trying to keep them from dumping sprinkles all over the floor. I try to make myself chill out and let them have fun.
I did however find this cute little treat, whoopie pies that were super easy and the kids LOVED helping with. Try them!

We also ended L's school semester with a Christmas program from his class.
They sang a couple songs with funny little motions.
It was adorable and he was so proud.
He even had a fan club cheering for him.
I've found multiple reasons to love my iphone, but here is one I discovered this week.
It helps out a tired, pregnant mama who wants to do our Jesse Tree devo, but doesn't want to run upstairs to get the computer.
I know technology isn't all great, but I sure find blessings in it!
The kids tree between their rooms.
It's just soo cute.
I really want to freshen up this corner of our home after the holidays.
It needs some organization and I've thought about adding some color too!
Another blessing this holiday and always is my husband.
He worked three last days of school and then turned around to work wee morning hours at Great Harvest the last two days of the week. He is always working hard to provide for our family and has been such a help with the house too!
I love you, babe!
I want to talk more about this later, because it is soo cool. But I had to mention that I have such a great friend in Rachel. She always listens to me rant on about everything and remembers little tid bits for gift ideas for me. She spoils me not only with gifts, but with being such a loyal, fun friend!
Do you know what this is?
Lastly, we've been trying to suck all that we can of these last few days of Christmas.
Storybooks, Christmas songs and reminders of the coming of Christ has really put me in the spirit this season.

Hope you are enjoying these few final moments of such an exciting time of the year!


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