Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Figuring things out

For the past seven months I've been trying to figure out what it means to be a good parent. I've gone back and forth in my head what I want them to remember about us when they are older. I guess I think about that because I have fabulous parents and could list a bazillion reasons why and how they make good parents. But that is another post for another day. Scott's parents are also wonderful for MANY many reasons. Needless to say we have some big shoes to fill.

At first we both felt the need to be super strict so we could establish boundaries early. Obviously, we've let up a little bit, but we still try to be consistent when it comes to what we expect. We also try to give much grace and make things as fun as possible. Here are some things that I've learned about what it means to be a good parent (in my opinion):

A good parent...
*makes you eat your vegetables at dinner, but also takes you to McDonalds for your fav chicken nuggets.
*teaches you to take your dirty clothes to your clothes hamper, but makes a basketball game out of it.
*makes you take a nap, but lays down to rub your head while you drift off.
*enforces quiet time during car rides or other times, but says "On Your Mark, Set, Go" or sings "Itsy Bitsy Spider" a THOUSAND times a day.
*refuses to allow disrespectful talk towards adults, but praises you by making a really big deal over obedience.

My point is I think I've learned that it is all a balance. serious conversations. laughing silliness. discipline. grace. And even though I'm nowhere near "arrived" at parenthood, I'm definitely better off than I was seven months ago. With God's grace I hope to continue to learn to be the best for them.
Day 37: Our little quarterback watching the Super Bowl with his football.
Day 38: More snow but actually it was the perfect snow because it was consistent all day without making the roads by. It was just gorgeous. And I love that little silhouette.
Day 39: I know this is a little weird picture, but it's our NEW toilet. I've mentioned our never ending remodeling for upstairs. Well, today we got our potty put in. I can't wait till it's all done.


Jessica said...

I think you make an excellent mommy! You are absolutely right about the balance...after all, our Father graciously displays his love and justice.

sarahe said...

love that list!

Mr. Davis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul & Merideth said...

Yaaaay! The toilet is in!!! :) That makes me super happy for y'all! xoxo!
(btw..the deleted comment above was me b/c Paul's account was logged in! Ooops!)

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