Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Living this life...

We've been busy lately, living life that is.
It's been such a blessing to really start feeling normal again.
One week out and I'm already feeling 80%! I'm anxious to see how much better I'm going to feel on week TWO.
Day 52: Daddy and L Bonding Time: Attachment is a funny thing. If you were to ask me if L was attached to his "Daddy", I would say definitely yes. I mean he asks about him every morning when Scott has gone on to work. He wants to play games/sports to him. L always has positive things to say about Daddy (i.e. Daddy is so funny! Daddy is the best Daddy. I love Daddy!) So there has been bonding going on over the last seven months that is for sure. But if you were to ask if L and Daddy are bonded as much as me and L....I would have to say no. It's just been slower with the two of them. So to help things along, we've instituted Daddy Bonding Time. It's going good so far. Pretty much it's just extra playing time together for just the two of them. Daddy is also doing a lot of the bedtime stories, prayers, cuddle time and just being with L. I really think it's going to be a helpful blessing. If anyone has any attachment helpful hints...we'd love to hear them!
Day 53: Some finished spots in our home renovations. This is seriously a sore spot in my life right now. We've struggled regarding keeping a loving heart toward the whole situation. I just want it FINISHED and it's not. I'm not sure when it will be done. It's a LONG story with many details. Some of it is just our fault for being too trusting and mostly a failure in the contract being completed as it said. We'd appreciate prayers in this area just so we can move on and get rid of these bitter feelings.
Day 54: Nana Our HERO!!! I can't even imagine what we'd do without my Moma. She has put her own life on hold and is practically living with me (when we aren't living with her). Since I can't pick up N for a few more weeks (hopefully only two more), we've had to have someone with me at all times. She's loved on our kids, cleaned every stitch of clothing in our house and just helped with everything from 7:30 to bedtime almost every night. THANK YOU, Moma! We love you and praise God for how you are serving us in such Godly ways!
Day 55: N totally conquered this cupcake today! L did too, but this pic of N is priceless. Thanks to GiGi and Colby for sharing his b-day cupcakes. Oh and a BIG thanks for making the icing BLUE! : ) Her little fingers were blue for the whole day!
It's amazing how cute BIG messes can be with kids.


Becca said...

What a great idea to do daddy-bonding time! :-) I'll be praying that it goes well - -and also that you get to 100% soon!

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