Friday, February 18, 2011

Not too bad!

Well, I had my surgery. It was rough, but I'm doing ok. I'll most likely write another post on that. But back to my 365 Days of Pictures. I had back surgery and only missed two days....not too bad.
Day 44: LOVE this picure! So precious. Fynn and "N" just hanging out. : )
Day 45: Me and my valentines the day before the real Valentines Day (my surgery day). They looked so cute for church that day!
Day 48: First picture I took after surgery, my Daddy taking the kids for ride. They loved it. We've been spending a lot of time at my parents while I'm recovering.
Day 49: "N" reading her "book" at least that is what she calls it. Is it bad to let your 18 mo. old read GoodHouskeeping? Isn't her little feet soo cute?!?!?
Day 50: Home with my man. Enough said.


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