Friday, February 25, 2011

What I love about home

My parents home that is.
Seriously, there is nothing like going home.
I love my Bluff home but being at my parents home is differently just as sweet.
Since my back surgery, I've been staying with them. It's been so nice for many reasons so I thought I'd list a few.
1. Just being around them. It's funny the little things you miss when you aren't with your parents everyday. I love how my moma and me are the last up at night while Daddy has been asleep in the chair forever.
2. The FOOD... we all know I love me some good food. Things like Killer Breakfasts (what we call my Daddy's eggs, bacon, biscuits, fried apples kind of breakfasts), Chess Pie, endless treats, baked cheetos, Moma cooking every meal for the kids and I.
I'm soo spoiled! : )
3. and Day 56: Spending time with cousins. While at Moma and Daddy's there is usually an endless supply of cousins around to play with. Since my surgery though, most everyone had been sick and didn't want to infect already pitiful us. But Em got better and got to play with us this week. Let's just say there is never a dull moment with these Three Musketeers.
They made this clubhouse and had fun camping out!
4. My parents have always spoiled us with affection. Lots of attention, quality time, always there for us and just plain perfect love was what they've always given us. It's such a blessing to see them pouring it on our babies. Our family isn't perfect by ANY means, but we are darn good at loving each other (through all the bumps, arguements and just life)!
5. Plenty of entertainment. Whether it's cleaning out Moma's craft collection, watching satelite tv (be still my heart) or spending time meandering through her old magazines there is always something to do. These things are obviously done during nap times or after littles' bedtimes.
6. I could go on FOREVER, but I'm getting tired.
I'm up late because my boy is having a rough night. Not sure what's going on but that we have one of these every now and then. I'm pretty sure it's bad dreams. Just a lot of restless sleep and crying. Poor baby. I need to sleep while I can. Hope you all get better rest than us.


Nichole said...

Try giving L Motrin or Tylenol on nights like those, especially if he's played really hard during the day. Addison will have those nights too once every few weeks. A lot of time she's having "growing pains" and leg cramps. Apparently Bryan used to get them bad at her age (we thought they were bad dreams at first too). So we'll give her some medicine and then massage her little legs and/or rub her back. Usually she'll fall back asleep and sleep much better after that.

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