Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yum Diggity Dog

Day 36
Today we introduced the kids to one of our favorite restaurants, Olive Garden. For the longest time, we weren't sure we wanted to share this sacred place. It for whatever reason became the go to place for our date nights away from the kids. I know that sounds cruel, but let me explain. When you go from having everything to your self and living a life of selfish ease, going to giving everything of yourself/stuff is difficult. This was the one place we didn't take them...the one place that was just ours. We decided that it was time to introduce them to the endless goodness of salad and breadsticks! : )

But wait you are saying....I thought you guys were poor? YES, you are correct. Actually, we are but my years in college scraping by on DO JO donuts or on Aldi groceries for a month has really helped on saving while still enjoying. For whatever reason... Scott and I have always shared an entree at Olive Garden. They give you soo much and it always worked for us. Well, I knew we couldn't spend much more than we normally do. I also knew the kids wouldn't eat too much so I asked the waitress if the kids could eat on our salads or if we needed to purchase extra salad. She said no big deal, and I was like HECK YEAH! So no joke the four of us ate on breadsticks, salad, appetizer and ONE entree. And we were all full when we left. This may sound silly or even kind of petty. But when you want to eat somewhere fun with your family and don't have much funds...what is a girl to do?

What are ways you guys have found to save money or get good deals while out?


sarahe said...

that is awesome!!! Of course the Weakley rule was "everybody drink water" and I still do that. Patrick & I always each get our own entree but we also only eat half of it so we're at least each getting 2 meals out of what we paid (sometimes more). Plus coupons, and we also ask for restaurant gift cards for holidays & birthdays so we can enjoy time out together :). I know things will change once kids come that point I'm sure we'll take advantage of lots of "kids eat free" specials

Barry and Amy said...

Kids Eat Free is a must! Some places only allow one free kids meal per adult entree but some restaurants allow two free kids meals per entree.

We eat lunch out. Very rarely do we got out to dinner except on date nights. Lunch is just so much cheaper!

You just have to be clever and resourceful, which it sounds like you've already got going for ya! =)

Jessica said...

When we take the kids out, we try to go to places on days when they can eat for free. Also, drinking water helps, and sharing meals with the kids happens at our table sometimes as well. Of course, I clip coupons for restaurants as well as groceries. There are often coupons for Olive Garden in the weekly inserts.
You are such a dear friend, and I think that we should go to Olive Garden for endless soup and salads for lunch sometime very soon!
I'm so glad for your friendship! Your family is full of love and relationship with the Savior, and that makes you one of the richest people I've ever known!

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