Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Randomness...Has it really been a week?

I'll blame it on my crippling back problem.... no joke. I walk hunched over and feel the need to have a walker to get around. That has been the biggest thing going on in our life lately. I've tried to ignore or pretend I'm ok until my consultation with the surgeon. But it's getting REALLY hard to do that. Please pray, friends.

Besides that, here is the rest of the week.

Day 24: Scott's Birthday wasn't until Sunday, but I couldn't stand it. The kids and I went to pick out his gift that morning. We got him the Pulse Smart Pen (such a Scott gift by the way) for him to use for teaching and classes. He loved it and wasn't expecting such a nice gift as we usually do smaller things. But this is so practical and can be used for his career. Also I got a great deal...thanks Best Buy!
Day 25: N after bath time on Tuesday evening. She is just stinkin adorable. I wish you could see the hysterical face she is making.

Day 26: Ok, so this isn't actually a pic from today, but I was super busy and forgot to take one. But I did scan this which is a picture so we'll count it. And come has to make you laugh. Look at me, did they give me cough medicine before this picture. I look like I'm going to pass out (I'm the one on the right of my Moma). I scanned and made a movie on IMovie for my parent's 42nd Wedding Anniversary. It was fun and I for see everyone (even if they don't want one) getting a movie made up of pictures. Anything to relive some of my favorite memories!
Day 27: Dinner at my parents. Daddy and Moma made breakfast... almost nothing better. Well, except being with our family too!
Day 28: Got away for the weekend with my love. I still love staying in hotels...same feeling I used to get when I was 12!
Day 29: Dinner at Sambuca Resturant, Gulch district of Nashville. Great food, awesome atmosphere and even live music! We had a blast.
Day 30: This was The Man's actual birthday, but I had several pics of him and it's sadly only once every six months I get to see one of my besties. We swung by Christin's parents and got to visit with the whole gang before we handed home. It was refreshing (the theme of our weekend: sleep, good food, peace and quiet, massages, missed conversations).

Day 31: Celebrated Scott's b-day at his parents house. It was fun and his mom made this adorable cake with Scott's baby picture on it. The kids were so anxious to see who got to eat Scott's face! : ) I can't say enough how thankful I am for this wonderful man who takes up the slack while I'm hurt, romances me still, and is my BEST FRIEND! I love you, birthday boy!
Day 32: The other thing that has been trying lately is our dear furry family member, Scruffles has hit a rough patch. So I will most likely (prayerfully...BETTER HAPPEN) have surgery on my back in February for a herniated disc. Scruffles started acting funny last Wednesday night so we called the Vet. Scott took him in Thursday morning to find out at what lengths my dog will go to be sympathetic for my pain. He too has a herniated disc. Sadly, for him it's much worse. In 36 hours, he went from limping to dragging both of his back legs. We have been giving him antiflammatory pills and have to keep him in his crate ALL the time to let him heal. But it's not looking good and we'll most likely have to put him to sleep. It's such a sad time for us and those of you who have truly loved your pets know what we are feeling.

Other random tidbits:
* I'm in LOVE with my new sheets (thank you Ann for such a great Christmas gift)!
* Having a bad back and walking like I'm 90 yrs. old is for the birds. seriously.
* Getting away is a must for everyone. Especially those taking care of littles.... Much needed break away!
* Still cracking up at the fact that our 18 mo. old is wanting to potty train herself already.
* Excited that our niece is coming to play tomorrow.
* Feels like I might go COMPLETELY NUTS and become a REALLY MEAN person if our upstairs renovations isn't completed soon. Another post for another day.

Goodnight all!


sarahe said...

praying for your back and for poor little scruffles--that is so sad!

Erica and Nate said...

Hope your back heals soon!!! I can't imagine trying to keep up with the little ones when you are in so much pain. I am so so sad about your little dog too. I knowhow dogs become family! Praying for you

SECPumpkin said...

Oh Sarah and Erica, Thanks! Erica, what kind of dog do you guys have? He is soo cute in your pictures!

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