Saturday, February 26, 2011

I can't resist {More of my brood}

I always knew it would happen. That this long time affair with my camera would go into overdrive with these kiddos. It's like I can't resist myself and their precious looks, rascally antics and adorable outfits.
Speaking of rascals. Here is "Mommy's Rascal" right here. Speaking of the term Mommy or Moma. I know I use it freely that is because they do. L started calling me Moma the first night he spent at our house. In all the days of waiting and preparing to be foster parents, I always wondered how we'd handle what the children should call us. And after all that fretting it just happened. Now he had NEVER had a Daddy and because I didn't want people who didn't know our story to think Scott wasn't my baby daddy (even though he ain't...but strange looks at the grocery line wasn't something I wanted to deal with) we asked him if he wanted to call Scott Daddy. He did and it just took off. She followed suit and somewhere along the way they started calling me Mommy instead of Moma. Isn't it funny how that just happens. I guess he heard other kids call their mothers Mommy and just went with it. Around my home and family it's always Moma when speaking of our mother. BTW, That is Mamma for you people who wonder why I call my mother MO- MA. For whatever reason, I just started spelling it that way when I was young. I just can't change it after all those years of sprawling it across mother's day cards and other little love notes. So I guess I'm Mommy to this little rascal is just a big of a miracle as I was to my Moma (that's a story for another time).
Ok... on with the rest of my brood. Here is some more Daddy Bonding Time. This is a little more...ahem, boy bonding. : ) Our boy can't go five minutes without talking about, playing or pretending to play some type of sport. So here they are playing tackle football/wrestling together in the house.
L thought he was getting the upper hand out my small precious son....
Daddy goes in for a noogie!
Day 57: This one is my favorite and therefore wins picture of the day!
For those of you worrying about poor little N...don't! She gets plenty of Daddy Bonding Time too. I wish you could see this face under the heart of her cracking up as Mommy has a panic attack due to the flips, throws and roughness Daddy likes to do with our little gymnast.

Well, Have a great weekend. We are planning for the rest to be relaxing and full of fun.


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