Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby is TWO!!!

does that mean I can't call her Baby Girl anymore?
this was last year.
3 days after we got her she turned one.
so much happens and changes between one and two.
she is such a little girl now.
she talks like a BIG girl and even used the potty today.
what happened this last year?
where is my baby with her rolly polly legs wrapped tightly around my hip as I packed her EVERYWHERE...where is that baby?

don't get me wrong.
i'm excited for all that is to come and seeing her grow.
but it just happens in a flash.
she will always be my baby.
i'm so blessed that God decided this sweet girl was meant for our family.
it's so funny to think that 2 yrs. ago on this day, I had no idea that I was already a mama.
don't you know that I would have loved to see that fresh, newborn sweetness.
but that isn't how God wrote our story.
i am thankful for this girl... my baby girl who is now becoming a little girl.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!
we celebrated this joyous day with birthday cake for breakfast, presents and lunch/playing at chick-fil-a!!!

P.S. This is her birthday invitation, which we are having Sunday afternoon.
Obviously, the white parts are just for privacy. I thought our little dashboard hula girl is pretty dang cute!


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