Monday, July 25, 2011

New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits, chinese food makes me sick...

name that song?!?!?!
classic summer song.
been humming it lately for some reason.
that and this stupid song from dora...dang it *boingy boingy bing will make these rocks to sing
what, really? who writes this stuff and what were they smokin'?

this is going to be an incredibly random post.
just some summer stuff:
cheap lemonade isn't the same...give me Simply Lemonade or Country Time any day!
One thing on our summer list was to let the kids do a Lemonade Stand....hmmm.
not sure that is going to happen.
this happens five minutes after we eat breakfast.
and five minutes after we wake up from afternoon nap.
toys toys everywhere....and we just got her a kitchen for her birthday with a
bizillion little pieces of plastic food.
garlic, cheese, salt - what is there not to like?
bisquick you make life soo much better : )
this was one of the few times we've played outside lately.
sooo hot!
if we do go outside it has to involve some form of H2O

that is me these days.
this summer is flying by and I can't seem to hold onto it tight enough.
we've had some fun times lately and I have soo many great photos to share.

be back soon.


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