Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Some of you may know that after I left my full-time job of 6 years to be home more with the kids, that I still needed to work part-time. Well, I found a job at a cute little gift store and they were letting me work two days during the week and every other Saturday. It was a pretty great schedule though the weekend I worked Saturday I felt I didn't have a weekend (one of my days is Friday too). Anyways, The Man and I have decided that I'll quit after working through July. My boss is super supportive and I'm winding down my last few weeks. Lately, as I tell everyone my plans, I get MANY comments and opinions.

DISCLAIMER: The rest of this post is going to be about my decision to be a stay at home mom. I am in no way discounting or judging working (full-time or part-time) mothers. I was raised by a teacher and had a perfectly wonderful childhood! There are many mothers that I look up to and admire that are working mothers. So please know this up front.

Back to the story now. I got several comments saying "I've always wanted to do that, but we just can't." or "I'm not sure how anyone can do that financially unless their husband makes really good money." and my favorite "I'd go crazy sitting at home doing nothing all day!"

hahahahahahahahahaha....nothing all day! Oh the joy of having just one day where I get to do nothing all day. Some of these comments make my skin crawl just a little, but most I just brush off because I think they just don't realize.

Let me just say as I've watched and witnessed stay at home moms over the years, I've seen many different kinds. Believe me when I say, I've seen some that DO NOT DO ANYTHING ALL DAY LONG. But as I've witnessed in the workforce, there are people in every job who try to do nothing all day. But thankfully, I've been mentored and around several different amazing stay at home moms. Many who take it as their life's passion and duty to put all of their energy into raising their children in the way of the Lord for just about every part of the day.

I hope to be such a stay at home mom.

Benefits for being a SAHM are many and challenges are many. I used to work in a daycare all day in the summer at college. I would be just plumb exhausted and I was MUCH younger then. Here after chasing, teaching, feeding, cleaning up, playing and challenging these little minds...I'm soo done in. Seriously, this job doesn't come easy to everyone. Many days I'm emotionally exhausted when I've had behavior problem after behavior problem. Some days I'm spiritually discouraged on if I'm making a difference in my children's lives or would they be better off at a sitters. When I've swept the floor under the table and cleaned up sticky place mats for what seems like the 25th time that day, I wanna go to the beach. When I've ran out of creative ideas and my head hurts from all the loudness, I wanna move to the beach.

But then there are days where my hearts swells with thanks to the Lord for this very task. Days where my baby girl says "Sorry, Mommy" without me having to tell her to. Where I see them playing together and working out conflicts. When we have uncontrollable laughter as a family. And meals that are clean(er) and consist of quiet conversations. Where we play all day having adventures that will stay with them always (i still remember all mine). When my Little Man memorizes his first Bible verses. Days where tasks that used to be difficult become somewhat routine and new skills are already starting. Where we play such enchanting things that I get lost into childhood once more. When they say, "Sing Mommy, one more time". Days where they want to be no where else, but cuddled with me on the couch. And especially days, that end with smiles and "I love you, Mommy". Those days make all the others count!

So is being a SAHM mom easy? Not really. Do I sit at home and clean all day? No, we do lots of fun things in, around and outside of our home. Am I efficient and working hard everyday towards my goals? Absolutely not. I fail now, just like I've done on days when I was in the workforce. But do I give up and live that way? No, I choose to repent, rise and try again the best of my ability the next day. Do I love being a SAHM? YES!!!

I'm so thankful for my husband and the support he gives me to make it possible to do this. It's been my dream since I was a girl. I pray that God finds me faithful to this task and gives grace as I do not do it justice. No matter, if you are a SAHM or a working mother, we all have this very daunting task in front of us. To nuture, keep safe, love and train these children in the way of Christ. So I'll leave you with this scripture and these cute blessings (picture isn't working, will be up soon)!

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." Colossians 3:17


Lara said...

Wish we lived closer so we could enjoy this season together!!!! So thankful for you and your heart for Him!

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