Thursday, July 14, 2011

Embracing summer: Fort Style

So I love all seasons, but this heat is driving me nuts!!!
Our front yard doesn't really have any shade except in the little wooded area between our house and the neighbors. When we married and bought the house, we called it the jungle because it was out of control. We worked on it before spring sprung and all the green got crazy again. We even took down several of the small trees that took up all the ground (no room to walk through it). It's still been hard to keep up with because there are soo many plants and stuff. But The Man cleared it really well so the kids could have a place to play.

I thought I'd make some pennant banners to hang up to define the area a little more. I did this during their nap! I also brought out their little table and chairs to have snack when they woke up.
Here is the fort, wooded fortress, clubhouse and the many other names we've called it. It needs a grand and magical name. Haven't settled on one yet.
* and yes Little Man has on a police hat and rain boots. What's a mamma to say?
We even had our first visitor to the new "play area".
See it needs a name!!!
Anyways, I was watching Fynn and when they all woke up we ventured outside.

It's a pretty big area and I think it could actually have some walls or something.
Not sure Little Man appreciated the decor, but my baby girl couldn't stop touching the flowers! She is a girl after my own heart.
This is looking up from the blanket where we were reading books.
I love a canopy of branches with sunlight leaking through.
It's soo glorious!
I even made banners with their initials for their little chairs.
Fynn getting the hang of a cup with no top. He's so stinkin cute!
GiGi reading books to the littles. I also got some cute maternity shots of her, but that is another post.
So there is the cute little space that we tried to niche out in our tiny property. Though our kids are technically "city kids", I want to give them all the charms of country life. I'm pretty sure my childhood wouldn't have been the same without all the spaces that kept me (my sis and our friends) busy for hours and hours.
And if it weren't for Embrace the Camera, I would not be adding this photo. No fixed hair, no make up, nasty t-shirt.... yeah, awesome, right?!?!

Oh well, I want them to not just remember these spaces, but that I was right there playing with them!


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