Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pickin' Time

I wanted the kids to do soo many things this summer.
Some things just hasn't happened.
But we have picked blackberries!
There was a few reasons I wanted to do this with the kids.
Child labor, being one. Seriously, pickin' blackberries was made for kids.
: )
But for reals, I remember pickin' berries growing up and I want my kids to experience this too.
Also, I love me some blackberry cobbler!
They got the hang pretty quick.
"No, L, not the red ones. Only the darkest ones."
Look at how hard they are working!
Even little sis was doing her share.

Sadly, this only lasted for ten minutes and twenty berries.
After that they were gone, swinging and running around.
I couldn't blame them, I was tired of pickin berries too.
But if I wanted my cobbler I had to keep at it.
Finally, my bucket was full enough so I decided to get some shots of the kids on the swing.
Aren't they so cute!
We are soo thankful that Grandaddy Herman has blackberry bushes!
My babies might not be the best pickers, but they sure did like eating the berries!


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