Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Outings

I love family outings, but what I've learned is that my favorite are the ones that just happen.
For instance, this one.
We decided about five o'clock in the afternoon to head out and do something active.
We landed at Panther Creek Park and chose the trails first.
To start this post, I have to post this precious quote that was on the sign at the entrance of the trails.
Dedicated To:
The grain of the wood,
music of the birds,
whisper of the wind,
fragrance of the woodlands,
voices in the mist,
dances of streams,
mystery, wonder
awe of nature's fancy,
unlocking our heart,
freeing our imagination.

Lovely, isn't that. And we did just that...let our imagination run free!
Here are some pictures of our adventures:

It was gorgeous out there, though the water below us was a little icky from the flooding still.
The trails all have nice tight, fencing so the kids just ran wild.
We discovered new things in nature.
Admiring all the colors.
Teaching each other many things.
Making soo many memories.
Smiling for the camera (even Mamma)
Again, nature is just so gorgeous. I love being in it. *especially when it's cool. It was overcast and had a nice cool breeze blowing!
Playing in the spray park!
ALL by ourselves so even Mommy and Daddy played too.
Ending the night with some treats at a local place. If you go out near Panther Creek, you must go to Hayden's. SOO GOOD!

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