Monday, January 9, 2012

A few of my favorite things edition!

Over the weekend, we were busy but home a lot too.
I thought I'd take a few pictures of a few of my recent favorite things.
Cannot get enough of this smell.
Eucalyptus Spearmint
I'm not sure whether it is because we've all been having sinus problems or because it's winter, but I'm in love of with this fresh...make you really breath product.
This is another pregnancy craving.
I'm addicted to this cereal and so is the Man (not sure what his excuse he has).
We go through a box pretty quickly.
For Christmas, we got the wonderful gift of Apple TV and then subscribed to Netflix.
It's amazing to have all sorts of things to watch when you want (we don't have dish or cable).
I've been watching lots of Bones and the Cosby Show when the kids have gone to bed!
Found a new flavor of soft lips I can't live without.
My fabulous honey put this in my stocking.
Winter Mint

You think I've got a thing with mint or what?

Please share your new favorite things.
I love me some good products/food!


JulianneB said...

Love the eucalyptus spearmint too, especially for a nice relaxing bath. Where can you buy the soft lips chapstick? Looks wonderful. I will have to think of a few of my favorite things to share with you. As always it is a joy to read your blog.

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