Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Making the Walls come alive

I'm pretty sure my title of this post sounds like a horror film!
Ok, so I haven't really been hearing my walls talk or anything else that seems creepy.
I just meant, I had this wall in my living room that was blank after moving some furniture.
The Man and I envisioned many possibilities for it, but never could make up our minds.
I scoured magazines and pinterest with no hope of what I was imagining.
This is often my downfall. I dream something glorious only to not have anything to go off of when actually putting it together. Usually, that adds up to disastrous for me.
Anyways, finally we just went with it.

So what do you get when you put nasty 2x4 boards
A few hours of sitting and working sanding blocks (throw in a pregnant woman's stiff back/legs)
and finally lots of paint=
No more boring, blank wall!
Here is a shot of the whole collage.
So pretty much we just took some old 2x4 boards we had and my fabulous, F-I-L, Herman cut them into squares for us. Then I sanded them as smooth as I could (I kind of liked them to be a little rough...the texture was cool). Painted the squares, modge podged pictures on them and voile...custom wall art! I had thought about ordering photo canvases, but it would have been super expensive. This cost almost nothing! : )
Here is a side shot from the hall looking into the living room.
We were soo happy with the way it turned out.
It's nice having another place for pictures and add pops of color to our room!
What do ya think?


sarahe said...

so cool! I'm impressed!!

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