Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh snow days, how do I love thee....

Let me count the ways....

*The best reason is... Daddy is home!

*Sleeping in under warm covers.

*Daddy getting kiddos up and making breakfast so I can get up slowly : )

*Coloring with my newest FAVORITE product...Color Wonder!!!
Seriously, try these.

*Lounging around cuddling on the couch with my man while the kiddos play around us.

*Helping mommy!

*Making cookies. There is actually a LONG story with this part of the day, but for times sake...let's just say the cookies eventually got finished.

*Playing out in the snow with Daddy.

*Getting out LOTS of energy.

*Mommy getting to stay in where it is nice and warm just watching out the window.

*Getting my kitchen clean and getting ready ALL BY MYSELF in complete quiet.

*After coming in from the snow, heading to Great Harvest for an awesome lunch.

*My fav sandwich....I used to get this a LOT when the Man worked there.
I miss it! : (

* Enjoying eating lunch together, during the week with all three of my favorite people!

*Ahh, playing hard in the snow produces the BEST naps.

*Like the "we are so worn out, I think we'll sleep 3 hrs." kind of naps.
Mommy and Daddy love these kind too!

*Snow Days don't always bring friends/family over. But since this was pretty much nothing but maybe 1 in.... we were excited to keep our plans of watching Fynn and Iylee!
She is soo precious.

*And cousin play time is the BEST! They ran ragged all night long together.

What a great {snow} day!


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