Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The fun of being a girl!

I have to say I love my son.
He is so much fun! Creative, curious and a constant source of laughter.
Our lives wouldn't be the same without him.
But I also have to say I'm very excited about raising daughters.
I love being a girl. I loved growing up with a sister.
I loved having girl friends be a MAJOR part of my life through childhood and high school.
I loved having TEN different girl roommates in college.
and I loved living with several of my good friends while I was single after college.

I also love my husband and am so glad that He made me his bride.
However, I have missed living with girls just a tad bit.
I have missed the late night chat fests, pedicures, sharing clothes, giggling till all hours of the night, praying together, helping dress each other up for important events, decorating together and just huddled on the couch watching a chic flick while reading magazines.

I'm so glad that I'll get to do most of these things with my daughters.
I know it will be different, but we will get to share a lot of fun of being girls together.

I really see Miss "E"s girly factor setting in.
She loves dolls and babies of any kind.
She likes to dress up and change clothes often.
She always wants "wipstick" and make up that I use.
I told her a few days ago that I was going to "do" her toes and she wouldn't let me forget.
She kept asking me when I was going to "do" her toes!

So welcome the other portion of our girl club....
all the more pink, giggles and sweetness is all the more fun!


Catie said...

I didn't grow up with a sister (had a wonderful brother though) that might be why I love watching my girls grow together. I tell them all the time they are best friends regardless of the fighting and such... they will always have each other :) One day they will believe me!

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