Friday, January 18, 2013

I need a nap...

When my 3 year old spilt the second drink of the day all over my counter, piles of school papers, our food and lots of other things....I knew it was nap time.  For them. For me.  I needed some cool down time and a little unwinding.  I was just talking to one of my long distance best friends that I've been on edge lately. My emotions are all over the place. I asked my OB about this at my appt back in November. I tried to explain that something isn't right...this isn't me.  I'm easily irritated, overly emotional and extremely tired. My monthly friend has let's just say been no friend at all since she arrived back in my life.  She chalked it up to nursing and all the hormones.  Well, All I have to say is I HATE YOU, HORMONES in my best moody teenager scream.  I want my laid back, half glass full girl back.  Does anyone else experience these late in the nursing game.  I feel like this started when she was 7 or 8 months (when my friend started visiting again).  

Anyways, Just to make this post a little happier.

Now off to nap.


sabrina said...

Yep- Very normal! My friend didnt come back till 12 months, but around 8 months I started having extreme hormone swings etc. It leveled out after a few weeks but just be very ware of it. I have a few friends that had to start taking something. I think its because your supply changes so much due to the introduction of food.

sabrina said...

aware not ware! haha!

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