Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What I know I'm good at.

There is a lot of mommyhood that causes me to feel like a big fat failure.
Being ahead of the game for school activities, fine tuning play date plans and meal planning for the entire month... not going to win a blue ribbon for any of these categories.  
Don't get me wrong.  I try. HARD.  But more often than not, I fall short. 
That's ok.  I've learned to find a happy balance between not being too hard on myself for the very makeup that make me me and not trying to do my best for the glory of God.
I do know that God has made me really good at some things. 
I'm super flex, I can sing & apply choreography to most any normal daily childhood activity (i.e. brushing teeth) and I'm a lot of fun to do art with.

I love Crayola. They aren't giving me anything to say these things, but that would be nice too.
This was actually the day after Christmas.  We were enjoying doing nothing in our pj's all day long. 
We had a few new toys to check out.
A new dry erase board and the color wonder finger painting.
 We took turns between writing with pretty colors
 and getting our fingers a little dirty. 
 Oh wait, that's the beauty of this product.....there is no mess.
 It even had a little pad to wipe off the clear finger paint.
 It's fun, they can make and create. 
 The kids are happy and even the best type A mama will be happy too.
It's really good for a quick art project since there is little to no clean up.
But it still feels more than just coloring with crayons.
(which I'm pretty happy with a big box of pretty shades)
 Here's the other half of the fam...
watching basketball and keeping the native from getting to restless.
 I love watching them create.
 It's fun to see them explore colors, shapes and the images in their minds take form on paper.
 Evy was ready to jump in too.
 This is honestly, the one who makes the BIGGEST messes when we craft.  She can't help it. 
She naturally touches EVERYTHING and with the Color Wonder finger paint, I don't worry.
 He is really getting into drawing.
 Little Miss didn't want to spread out the paint and therefore it dried really cool.
 I like when they end up with cool techniques I'd never even try.
 Love the colors she created. I'm shocked at how they blended so easily.
 He is really into copying text these days.
Thanks Crayola for always making life colorful and letting show off some of my good sides! : )


Becca said...

Love this :-) and you, for being such a colorful, wonderful mama :-)

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