Tuesday, January 29, 2013

more than a SPRINKLE of love

We decided to throw my sister a little Sprinkle to celebrate her third baby. 
A girl.
Maggie Ann.
 I thought this sweet little cake turned out well.
 We held it in a back room of a local restaurant, Colby's.
So I only decorated one small table.
 I made sure it was ultra girly!!!
 My gorg pregnant sister.
 She got some great special things for her newest babe.
 It was really intimate and we had lots of great conversation.
 socializing at these events has to be my favorite part!
 I got my sweet nieces matching bibs...remember my sister has a 1 year old girl too. : )
 Mother and Daughter
She knows how to take care of two little thirteen months apart....my sis and me.
I know these little girls will share a special bond just like we do.
 Love this little fella...the only boy at the party.  He got to flirt with all of us and he wooed us with his smiles.  I mean look how precious he is!!!
 the Brown side ladies

This last pic is just a shot of details...my fav things...lace, cute clothes pins, bakers twine and doily.


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