Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Corners of Bluff House...

I've been thinking lately about our home. The place we come to take refuge from the scary, rough and hard world. It's where we laugh and rest. This home brings people together: our family, our friends. It holds so much of what I enjoy most in this life.

Realizing the importance of our home and all that is in it, has me wanting to make it the most it can be. It also makes me want to review, take stock, and reflect on what I love about it. Reading Soule Mama has made me start looking at the "corners" of the Bluff House. Here is one corner of our sweet little home.

After Christmas, we put our new chair in front of this window. Isn't that light glorious.
It's one of my favorite things about our home, all the huge old windows. It makes me happy and the soft light sets a relaxing tone to the rooms.
We decided to put our books in the living room, and what a better place than beside the desk. Especially since the Man uses soo many of his books for school.
We also got a new rug. I'm in love with it. As much as we like our (STILL GLUE COVERED) gorgeous... original... hard wood floors, we needed some warmth in the room.

After we added the chair, we knew we needed something as a side table. I brought down some old suitcases from the attic. The black ones were the ones my parents used forever. They actually are in some of my most favorite memories of traveling as a child. I remember them dragging them to FL, out west, and even on shorter regional trips. I couldn't (of course) part with them. I knew they'd come in handy one day. I hope to house something practical in crafts for the kids' (nieces, nephews, and mentees) craft stuff, magazines I want to keep, stationary supplies for snail mail. See, all kinds of potential.

On top, sits this one of a kind bowl (that is housing some of my needles and scrap pieces of yarn). Isn't it gorgeous.

You see it's one of a kind because it was made just for us. It is a gourd made into a bowl and hand painted.

A long time family friend made this for our wedding. It was such a sweet and special gift.
A treasure I'll keep forever.

Isn't it wonderful when things find a second, useful purpose!


JulianneB said...

I just want to come snuggle up in that chair and read a inviting. Love your blog....and just curious, but did Valli make your gourd?
Love ya,

Jessica said...

I love your use of space! Please, help me. I really need to get our house put away. I still have blue tape up for goodness sake.

sarahe said...

i love it all so very! the main thing i dislike about having a new-ish house is the lack of windows. we only have one in our bedroom! boo!

everything is so cozy and lovely. just perfect!

SECPumpkin said...

@Julianne ...It was from Val! She is soo sweet and very talented! Please come by and read books in my chair anytime you are in town for a visit.
@ Jess could I help you? Your house is GORGEOUS! It's always soo clean and perfect. Seriously, I need your help! : )
@Sarah...I love NATURAL light and really enjoy all our big old windows. The only thing is that I have a hard time decorating...small rooms all with at least two windows. No big walls for big furniture or for lots of wall decor! but i wouldn't trade those windows for anything.

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